There is a paradigm shift that is about to transform the way we see ourselves and our reality. A lot of us are already waking up to this universal truth that has, actually, always been there. We just chose to ignore it and forget about it. But we are now reawakening to it and remembering its importance in our existence and how we view the world with everything in it.

The old paradigm is dying and a new one is emerging. Up until now, we have put everything into separate boxes and attached a label to it. We have separated and isolated every component of our being and our world so we could define them and attach some meaning to it. This is the old way of understanding ourself and the world. The problem with this perception is that it is very limited. We end up looking at ourself and the world through a key whole. This majorly filters our understanding of the truth of who we are and how the world works. It keeps us away from the truth of how reality works.

This view is now changing. 

“Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find”. Matthew 7:7

I believe that if we sincerely ask for wisdom and understanding, God will grant us the knowledge to see things the way he sees them. The way they are. In all truth and light.

When we observe nature, the way God created it, we start to see how all things are connected and dependent on each other. This interconnectedness is the key to nature’s own existence and survival. For nature to thrive, it needs that connection to all that there is. Nothing in nature is separate or isolate. Everything exists within a specifically designed balance and harmony.

All is one.

As human beings, we have become so detached from our true nature. We have thought our way out of nature. But that is not how we were created nor how we are meant to live. We are very much a part of nature and God’s creation. And we are very deeply linked to nature.

We are one with all that there is.

A lot of our pain comes from being so disconnected from the natural world and it makes us sick. When we reconnect to nature, we feel a sense of fulfilment and belonging. We are whole again. We are in harmony and peace with ourself. We have found our balance again within the whole of creation.

Why is that? Because we are one with all of creation.

The same way that we are one whole being on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Our spiritual life is not separate from our physical life. They very much influence each other. God is very much involved in all areas of our life. In fact, the spiritual influences all aspects of our life and has an impact on all levels of our being. We cannot compartmentalize ourselves anymore. Because that is just not who we are. It is not aligned with the truth of who we are by nature, by God’s design. 

To think in this manner will change the way we live our lives and will open us up to a whole new realm of possibilities. There is so much more power in the unity of interconnectedness than in the individuality of separateness. Once we realize this, we will unlock our greatest potential for creativity.

We are God’s creation and we are co-creators with God of our reality.

God is within us as much as we are within the Divine. We are not separate. We are one. We are united. We are connected.

This togetherness brings infinite power. We truly are limitless. Our only limit is our mind and the beliefs we hold within it.

Faith is the key to unlock our beliefs and give us access to this infinite, unlimited power.

What do you believe in?