My recent conversation with Canadian author of “The Laws of the Universe and the Bible – A practical guide to abundant living” and my friend, Lori Kostenuk.

We discussed her current book and her new book in the making.

We shared our understanding of the laws of the Universe and what it means to live an abundance life in gratitude.

Lori explained what our inner guidance system is and how it can help us through life.

We talked about consciousness – the rise in consciousness of humanity, the Christ consciousness. Lori explained the levels of consciousness, how to ascend to a higher level of consciousness and what it means.

We addressed pedophilia and how it is being exposed at all levels in our society today. Lori explained what she meant when she mentioned ” restoring the child into our midst”.

We also got chatting about the victim mentality vs. empowerment and sovereignty and what it means to take ownership of our life.

And so much more!

Our discussion was real, it was raw, it was spiritual and all together very uplifting.

You will absolutely love it!


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